Ending the WordPress version

So for the people who follow me here, I’ve decided to go a different route with the comic. Essentially, I’m re-uploading it on tapastic.com, or the Tapas app on Android and the iOS. 

So thank you for liking my stuff here, and I hope you continue following me there. 

No post 

Sorry, my few followers. I did not have a great day yesterday and wasn’t able to today’s comic out. I should still be able to get Monday’s original out on time, but today’s redraw will have to wait until next Thursday. Again, sorry. 

Inspired by God 3 – Punishment part 2

Nothing like a bear attack to teach kids that they shouldn’t mock people. That’ll show him. 

To be fair, there’s debate about whether this was just an angry outburst due to the mockery or a reaction to Bethel’s rejection of God, the mockery being an example of the town’s evil (“See? Even the kids are bad.”). But the thing is, sending creatures to kill kids (42 of them) is wrong, no matter the reason. 

This is an ATHEIST Webcomic

This is mostly an inside joke, but it is bothering me that this has probably happened to me more than atheists have shared it. I wouldn’t feel too bad if it at least started a discussion about what I say in the comics that are shared our liked, but more often when it does get shared, it is some Christian who seems to not have read the comic, but likes the title or artwork and uses it for their own Christian message. Does anyone else have this problem? 

Don’t Do That Thing – redone

Source image: detail from Adam and Eve by Lucas Cranach

To eat the fruit is an evil act. To not do an evil act, one must know what evil is. To know what evil is, one must eat the fruit. But to eat the fruit, is an evil act. Oh, circular logic from a supposedly omniscient being. You make me dizzy.